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Looking Forward to Shadowlands

I've read some information about what's coming in Shadowlands and the new content looks very interesting, but what I'm most excited about are the impending new customization options. My characters are personal to me and being able to personalize them even more makes me very happy! Darker skin colors, new hair styles, different eye colors, tattoos, body paint, jewelry, hair decorations, I love it all! I'm going to spend hours customizing my characters and creating new ones, as I'm sure many people will.

gaming, Player perspective, Role Play, Warcraft, Warcraft Writing

Creating Another World Within Azeroth

One of the reasons I love writing Warcraft fanfiction is that I can literally go into the world and look around. However, when I'm dealing with areas I've created in my mind that could believably exist in Azeroth (or Outland or Draenor, etc) but don't, that's a luxury I don't have. That's when I turn to my reliable home design program and start working my magic.