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The Reckoning Has Come! 🎃🔥🦇👻

Without a doubt, my favorite World of Warcraft in-game event is Hallow's End. I've loved Halloween for most of my life and having a version of it in my favorite game is divine! I love seeing the jack-o-lanterns and other decorations absolutely everywhere and I love the trick or treating. And of course I can't… Continue reading The Reckoning Has Come! 🎃🔥🦇👻

gaming, Player perspective, Warcraft, Warcraft characters, Warcraft Events, Warcraft Writing

Fun at the Trial of Style!

This past edition of the World of Warcraft's Trial of Style, was the first time I'd participated in the event. I'd heard about it and seen the transmogrifier asking about it, but I didn't really understand what it was. The reason I tried it this year was because of the compliment I received on my… Continue reading Fun at the Trial of Style!