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When in Doubt, Create a New Toon

My latest death knight astride her mount.

Yesterday I played my blood elf hunter, Sriset, for a while working on reaching exalted with the last few factions she needed. However, I find that tedious after a while so once I finished the emissary quests for the day I was looking for something different to do.

As I’m an altoholic with all 50 slots filled on my account, I obviously enjoy making new toons. I couldn’t do that yesterday though until I deleted a couple toons. That was easy enough to do because I had a couple toons on a realm and no longer remembered why.

In fact, I had a night elf warrior I hadn’t played in so long that when I logged in she was parked where Auberdine used to be. I was very confused at first as to why she wasn’t in an inn and then went, oh my!

The other toon on that server was a draenei death knight because when I start on a new realm I usually start with a DK so I can make some gold somewhat quickly. After checking the toons over though, I concluded they didn’t have enough money or items worth saving, so I deleted them.

With two slots now open, I chose a new server I haven’t played on before and made, you guessed it, a death knight. Specifically a female blood elf death knight. I already have such a toon at 112 on a different server, but one can never have too many elves, in my opinion. 😉

My belf DK stole a tiny horse for her future mount.

I had a lot of fun running her through the DK starter quests, even though I’ve done them more times than I can count. I think that’s because Wrath of the Lich King was the expansion that came out when I started playing. I started by playing Burning Crusade, but Wrath will always be my marker for when I started playing World of Warcraft.

With my heirloom armor on, my belf DK reached 60 shortly before finishing the starter area. But as the server was new to me and not compatible with any other servers I’m on, I needed to get her some funds for flying. Such occasions make me very happy that WoW tokens now exist. I don’t buy them very often, but they certainly come in handy!

After buying my token and putting it up for auction, I headed to Razor Hill for some Noblegarden fun on my DK. The area was busy of course, but there were still plenty of eggs to be had. I even found a nice little spot where three eggs spawned.

Noblegarden eggs
Egg under table and egg in box.
Egg behind the bags too!

I stood there and collected the eggs and no one else even came near me. I would’ve happily let them take the eggs if they wanted, but I had no competition last night.

After that, I took my DK to Outland and parked her at the inn at Thrallmar. It’ll take her a little over a week to get full rest experience, but I certainly have numerous toons to play in the interim. Or I may be a rebel and play her without experience. But knowing me, probably not. 😉

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Mounts as Motivation

When Blizzard first talked about the World of Warcraft achievement Two Sides to Every Tale where a player could earn two new mounts, I was intrigued. I thought it was cool that they were rewarding players (like myself) for playing both factions through the war campaigns and story lines. I also liked the idea of having a horse mount for Horde and wolf mount for Alliance.

With the help of my oldest daughter, I got my Horde main, Sriset, through the war campaign and story lines without much issue. However, my Alliance main, Syaine, was another story.

On my night elf rogue, Syaine, I’d become stuck on the quest called The Treasury Heist. I couldn’t get past the section where I had to run the gauntlet with all the traps combined in one horrible section. I tried it several times when it was first released, but after dying all those times, I decided to give up.

But then recently I started thinking that I really wanted those mounts from Two Sides to Every Tale and I decided to try the seemingly impossible quest again. I told myself I’d give it one more go and see if I could do it.

Well, it took me three more tries of running the gauntlet in one night but I finally made it!

After that, the rest of the Alliance war campaign was easy. Time consuming, but easy.

Along with the Alliance war campaign, I also had to complete The Pride of Kul Tiras achievement. I’d stopped working toward it when I hit the first dungeon quest, but after surviving the gauntlet, doing random groups for dungeons didn’t seem as intimidating anymore.

It took me a couple days, but yesterday morning I finally completed the last step with A Nation United. I was so happy to have the achievement notification flash up on my screen along with the notification of the Ironclad Frostclaw mount added to my collection!

Once I got past the horrible gauntlet segment of that one quest, grinding for the rest of the required achievements for the mounts was actually fun. It was nice doing something that felt important on Syaine again, as I’d grown tired of warfronts, daily quests, and rep grinding. Now that I’ve got my mounts, I’ll go back to playing lower level alts until the next interesting part of Battle for Azeroth comes out.

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Warcraft Guilds I’ve Loved, Lost, and Remade

Sriset modeling the Rawr Flex tabard.

When I started playing World of Warcraft in 2008 on my blood elf hunter, Sriset, I didn’t know anything about guilds. Once my older brother stopped playing Warcraft, I was left to quest alone, but I was okay with that and I’m still okay with that. However, there’s something to be said for being in a guild.

The first guild I joined was called Đark Đreams and its guild leaders were a husband and wife who said they lived in Perth, Australia. They both seemed very nice, but I remember most of my communications were with the female leader because she was on more often than her husband. I no longer remember their names anymore, but it was a good first guild experience. The female guild leader started calling me Sri and it stuck.

Sri’s blond days. Showing the Dark Dreams guild name.
Still blond Sri. Wearing the Dark Dreams tabard.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, the guild leaders had to stop playing World of Warcraft and announced to the guild that they would be disbanding Đark Đreams. Despite more than one offer to take over the guild, the leaders were insistent on deleting it. Not wishing to lose the online friends I’d made in Đark Đreams, I volunteered to start a new guild and invite as many current members of Đark Đreams into it as wanted to join.

Stepping up into a leadership position was not really something a slightly introverted person such as myself had ever done before. But I didn’t want to lose everything Đark Đreams had meant to me, so I mustered my courage and went about creating a guild name and getting my guild charter signed by several members of the now defunct Đark Đreams.

I took a long time thinking of a name for my guild and I eventually came up with Firelight Shadows. I had a whole long paragraph or poem that went along with why I chose the name, but I didn’t save it anywhere that I can find. It had something to do with sharing stories amid the dancing firelight shadows at night after a long day of adventuring. It was much more poetic and well-written than that I imagine.

Getting that first guild charter signed was one of the most nerve wracking experiences I’ve ever had. I believe I had five signatures of former Đark Đreams members and then needed five more to complete the charter. Atop her hawkstrider, I took Sriset through Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods, the Ghostlands, and I believe Orgrimmar asking for signatures, offering gold for them, and then traveling to meet the willing signers.

I created that first guild before the shared realms started, so the only people I encountered were actually in my realm and therefore able to sign. I’ve started a few guilds since the shared realms started and I’ve found it more challenging, but obviously not impossible.

When I finally had all the names I needed for the charter, I went to the tabard vendor and put the finishing touches on the tabard I’d taken forever to design. Then Firelight Shadows was born and my time as a guild leader began.

My blood elf warlock, Salxi, sporting the Firelight Shadows tabard (and a rather horrible outfit).

Firelight Shadows had a decent number of active members for some time, but that eventually dwindled as people had less time to play. Even so, I enjoyed playing with my guild mates and helping them whenever and however I could. For my ridiculous ability to become hopelessly lost quite often, I earned the nickname Perpetually Lost Sri.

When my father died in the autumn of 2009, my desire to play the game dwindled. My desire to do anything I’d previously enjoyed dwindled. I played for a while after he died, but eventually I just didn’t want to anymore. A friend of mine took over the guild and promised to keep it going, but she too had to take a break from the game and eventually Firelight Shadows became lost to me forever.

My friend eventually started a new guild when she discovered Firelight Shadows had been taken over by other guild members. She called it Vengeance of Shadows and she made me co-guild master when I started playing again. I enjoyed playing in her somewhat active guild, but it just wasn’t the same as having my own guild that I’d made from scratch.

Eventually I made another guild and after a few name changes, settled on Rawr Flex. Why that name? Well, rawr flex is something I often say to my children and text to my friends when I’m feeling especially fierce after accomplishing something. Plus, it was a guild name that didn’t exist yet. I just checked again in fact and I’m the only one who has any guilds by that name.

Oooh! So strong! 😉

Right now my daughter and I are the only active members in any version of my Rawr Flex guild and I’m okay with that. It’s nice having the guild bank and other guild perks. Even if my guild is never more than a handful of people, I’m just happy knowing that it’s mine and that I always have a place where I fit.