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A Good Scrub Can Go a Long Way

While I may sometimes feel that I'll never quite get certain parts of the game right, I don't consider myself forever a noob. I'd never done that dungeon before but we'd all purposely chosen to queue for a dungeon with a random group of people that may or may not know the dungeon, so calling me a scrub seemed unnecessary. But I know that there are unkind people in the game and in the world and that that will never change. I certainly won't let it change how I act either.

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Talbuk Triumph!

Several years ago when I first played in the area of Nagrand in Outland, I fell in love with the look of the talbuks there. I didn't use them as hunter pets though because...well, I have no idea why. Then I learned that there were talbuk mounts and I thought that was cool and started… Continue reading Talbuk Triumph!

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Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

I have created more than one female Darkspear troll during my many years of playing World of Warcraft, but I've never leveled them very far. I can't remember my reasons why, but I'm sure I thought they made sense at the time. I'll probably never make a male Darkspear troll because their hunching and crouching… Continue reading Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

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My Warcraft Week in Screenshots 2/24 -2/28/20

I actually have an idea for a longer post but am too tired to write it now so here's a visual recap of the many adventures my Warcraft toons have experienced this week! Sumeko in one of the many sections of Dire Maul Pakhan in Razorfen Kraul Svelara with her original horns Svelara with a… Continue reading My Warcraft Week in Screenshots 2/24 -2/28/20

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A Shammy Too Cute Not to Level

I've created a handful of shaman in World of Warcraft but I've never managed to level them beyond 30. I've made a few draenei, a Zandalari troll, and even a Mag'har orc, but none of them have stuck. However, when I learned that vulpera were going to be a playable race I knew I finally… Continue reading A Shammy Too Cute Not to Level