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A Good Scrub Can Go a Long Way

While I may sometimes feel that I'll never quite get certain parts of the game right, I don't consider myself forever a noob. I'd never done that dungeon before but we'd all purposely chosen to queue for a dungeon with a random group of people that may or may not know the dungeon, so calling me a scrub seemed unnecessary. But I know that there are unkind people in the game and in the world and that that will never change. I certainly won't let it change how I act either.

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Talbuk Triumph!

Several years ago when I first played in the area of Nagrand in Outland, I fell in love with the look of the talbuks there. I didn't use them as hunter pets though because...well, I have no idea why. Then I learned that there were talbuk mounts and I thought that was cool and started… Continue reading Talbuk Triumph!

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Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!

After doing the content in Visions of N'zoth for a while, the bugs and the purple just became too much. I'll probably still play through some of the content but there's not really much motivation to do so. When I was grinding in Nazjatar and Mechagon, it was to unlock flying. When I was grinding… Continue reading Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!