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Directional Difficulties

As a child, I needed my shoes labeled L for left and R for right. I'm sure that was the case for many children. But even as I got older, I still struggled with understanding directions. I remember as a teenager my father telling me to go left and I'd go right and he'd jokingly… Continue reading Directional Difficulties

gaming, Player perspective, Warcraft, Warcraft Writing

Finding the Beat

As an introverted single mom who works from home, my life didn't change very much when the pandemic hit. However, in the warmer months I usually drive from Upstate New York to Massachusetts to volunteer and dance at Native American powwows, and that gives me a much needed dose of social interaction. That isn't happening… Continue reading Finding the Beat

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Back to Hunter School

When I first started playing Battle for Azeroth on my hunter Sriset, I was using Survival spec. I imagine it's because I liked the Artifact appearance for that spec from Legion. Then somewhere along the line, I switched to Beast Mastery, probably because I was dying too much in Survival because I wasn't properly geared or I picked up a bow with better damage, or both.

Warcraft Events, Warcraft Hunters, Warcraft Writing

Stages of Invisibility

Despite the stealth puzzle from hell, I had a great evening and definitely felt much less alone and forgotten. I know online friendships can be tricky and it's easy to make too much out of nothing, but I am extremely grateful to last night's dungeon crew for making me feel like I'm worth going through zappy robots for.