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Locking in the Sri-ness

For a while now I've been considering changing my lock Salxi's name to Srixi because the Strawberry raid group knows me as Sri and it just seemed confusing when I was playing Salxi. In truth, very few of my characters have a Sri-themed name because I'm Sri no matter what my character's name is. However,… Continue reading Locking in the Sri-ness

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A Glimmer of Inspiration

Sometimes it feels like both a blessing and a curse to be a writer. A blessing because my mind can come up with imaginative, highly detailed ideas and a curse for the same reason when those ideas trail into peculiar-seeming observations. Regardless, when the inspiration to write strikes me, I tend to grab it because… Continue reading A Glimmer of Inspiration

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The Little Lock That Could

This past weekend I was trying to decide which character I was going to take into the Nya raid with the Twitter/Discord group sometimes fondly referred to as Strawberries. I was leaning towards my blood elf warlock Salxi because I wasn't sure if the usual lock player was going to be there and I know… Continue reading The Little Lock That Could

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Directional Difficulties

As a child, I needed my shoes labeled L for left and R for right. I'm sure that was the case for many children. But even as I got older, I still struggled with understanding directions. I remember as a teenager my father telling me to go left and I'd go right and he'd jokingly… Continue reading Directional Difficulties